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Quality Over Quantity

 The number of listings you look at does not guarantee results

You’re pressed for time. Realtors are pressed for time. Don’t let that limit your ability to pursue the dream of second home life.  

We use a unique approach, guiding buyers along a journey to help you achieve your goal, whether it’s to own a vacation home, buy a retirement home away from winter weather, or purchase an income property. There is a lot to know about buying a second home. And there are so many options. Second Home life helps match the qualities you want with communities that will meet your expectations. Then we connect you with a top local realtor to help you find the ideal home for your family.

Weekends and holidays on the coast make this family getaway a fantastic vacation home location

A weekend vacation home like this is great, even in the winter and especially over the holidays

A retirement home nestled in the woods and backing onto a golf course may be your perfect second home

A rustic cabin in the woods is an ideal vacation home for some people

Home listings are built for sellers

Explore Your Options With Us

We know there are many reasons why you want to buy a second home, and some of them can be very complicated. That’s why we help you think about your options before spending countless hours scouring through listings – we want you to be able to make the best choice for your family. Whether you’re looking just outside of the city, out of state, across the country or around the world, we’ll take care of you.

Everyone’s heard it – location, location, location. We provide a buyer-centered approach to finding your vacation home, income home or retirement property by matching your needs with the right locations. Once you identify the location that will be best for your family, our team of buyers’ agents is ready to help with the local home buying process. 

The last thing you need is listing information – don’t waste your valuable time scouring listings. Take a bike ride and explore while your agent does this for you!

Buying a Vacation Home?

Rethink the process

We know that buying a home can be a truly nerve wracking experience. Whether you’re looking for a vacation home, are snowbirds looking to escape winter because of an empty nest, or you are seeking to build wealth and passive income through an income property, we can help you find the perfect home. 

Don’t think about the listings that are available. Think about the way you live. Think about what you can afford. Understand what’s involved in owning a second home. Picture your ideal lifestyle. It looks and feels a certain way. You won’t find that in a bunch of listings.

Now let’s work together to match your second home life with a location that fits you. It doesn’t have to be nerve wracking – it should be a rewarding and pleasant experience.  And it shouldn’t be something you just dream about – work with us and make it happen.

Once you work with us to narrow down the best options for where you will be happy with a second home, then ask for information on property listings and competitive properties that have recently sold to be delivered to you by a qualified realtor who understands the second home life you’re trying to create. The National Realtors Association’s 2015 Home Buyers Profile reports that having a realtor help them find the right home is the single most important factor for home buyers. A Second Home Life specialized and experienced buyers’ agent will help you get the best deal on the right home for you.

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Our amazing team provides real results for you, the buyer as you consider the purchase of a vacation home, income home, or retirement home.




Tricia is a real estate professional with over 13 years of experience with nationally recognized home builders and leading real estate agencies. She brings a forward thinking approach backed with in-depth knowledge to all aspects of residential planning and construction, property management, and Home Owners’ Associations. Tricia has an MBA from Arizona State University. Tricia also has achieved her Resort & Second-Home Property Specialist (RSPS) designation.




Valerie is a seasoned analytics, market research and business development executive with over twenty years’ experience. As a Vice President, Innovation Business Practice with Nielsen, Valerie helped clients bring new products to market through innovation initiatives across multiple industries. Prior to her work in innovation, as Director of Analytics with Kantar Media SRDS, Valerie leveraged demographic data and online customer behavior to improve retention and growth of online advertising revenues and provided strategic product direction. Valerie has an MBA from Loyola University. Valerie purchased her first investment home in 2004.

We have specialists focusing on the second home market, whether that be vacation home sales, income properties for sale or retirement communities with homes for sale that match your retirement goals. Our team also provides advice and information related to Second Home Life, real estate, property management, legal services, tax implications of owning a vacation or income home, and so much more. We feel that by offering comprehensive services, we can deliver so much more for our clients. Please contact us today for more details on how we can help you find your get away vacation home, second home for retirement, or begin building your wealth through income properties.