Know what’s important about owning a second home

Owning a second home comes with unique issues – it’s not for everyone. This is where we talk you out of it. Well, not really. But it is where we provide you with the knowledge you need so you really know what you’re getting into. And some helpful information, tips and experiences from others so you are better prepared when you do buy a second home. 

Are you prepared to have renters calling you when the water heater breaks down?

Will you feel obligated to use your vacation home rather than take other vacations and come to resent it?

Do you know the tax implications of owning a second home?

What about insurance?

What kind of maintenance is required?

Can I rent it out as a vacation rental when I’m not using it?

Is the rental market good for income properties?

Can you afford it – or maybe a better question… How much can you afford?

What to Know

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Pros and Cons
Investment and Income
Property Management
Financial Considerations