How did we get here?

Valerie and Tricia bring a unique combination of experience that led to the founding of Second Home Life.  They first met through their husbands, who were coworkers, when they went out for dinner at Talking Stick Resort in Scottsdale.  At the time it wasn’t clear how their skill set may come together in a future endeavor.  

“One of the funny things we learned was that we had both met our husbands through So yes, we can confirm that on-line dating can really work,” laughed Valerie. Her background in market research, analytics and experience in innovation combined with her personal experience owning rental and vacation homes “matched” well with Tricia’s experience in real estate. “The thought occurred to us that we could help home buyers find locations that would enable them to purchase a vacation home or a rental property by matching people with locations similar to how on-line dating connects people who are likely to be compatible.” And that’s how Second Home Life began.

Since then, the task of gathering knowledge, expertise and information to build location profiles got underway. With the large amount of information and so many places people could choose to buy a second home, it has been an extensive effort. “The thought of doing all of this research, and providing it free of charge to potential home buyers was a little unnerving but we have been firm in our belief that we could help so many people achieve the goal of second home life by providing a better path to purchase. We couldn’t contain our excitement.”

Both Valerie and Tricia are passionate about helping people. From volunteering on non-profit boards to bringing their entire families out to volunteer at charitable initiatives, their focus on helping people is obvious in their everyday lives. “And in the real estate business, my most rewarding times have been working with buyers to help them find a home they never thought they would be able to find, and seeing the joy it brings to their family” says Tricia. “We are so excited to help people find a second home, one they can vacation with their family and friends, or generate passive income and build equity for retirement. We believe in the powerful ability to match profiles and that we will open a range of possibilities people may never have considered.” 

“Having a vacation home in the mountains has brought another measure of enjoyment for our family,” says Valerie. “I really had no idea how much it would provide for relief of stress, fun and games, outdoor activities, and unique experiences that to me are so valuable – I just want to help other families do this too – it’s so great! Another bonus is that we’ve also been able to share our space with others, reduce our cost of ownership, by renting it to others.”

The emergence of the sharing economy in real estate through companies like AirBnB open up a whole new range of possibilities for people to get into this market. More than one third of vacation home owners are planning to or have rented their homes to others. This is a way in which people can more easily afford a vacation home by offsetting the cost of their mortgage by renting it out when not in use.  And AirBnB makes it easier than you might think.  

“We truly hope home buyers will leverage our path to purchase and build a profile to help them find options that exceed their wildest dreams, rather than spending hours browsing through listings without really having a good process that enables them to achieve their dreams of second home ownership,” says Tricia. “it’s a lifestyle and financial achievement many people aspire to and we can help more people achieve it in a way that works for them.”

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